Beautiful Simple Winter to Spring Outfits


Today I’m sharing an in depth look within my winter to spring capsule wardrobe. My goal is to provide you a real-life example of what dressing with less sounds like. Along with however i take advantage of my capsule wardrobe in real world as a stay-at-home/work-at-home mater.
When I shared my capsule wardrobe update, I asked readers on my email list (sign up here if you’re not on the list!) and in my Facebook group, if it would be useful to examine what my very own capsule presently sounds like.

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The answer was a resounding yes, so today I’m sharing a look at my winter to spring capsule wardrobe.
What is a winter to spring capsule wardrobe?
As I explained in my capsule wardrobe update, I no longer make a new capsule for all four seasons. Because our springs and falls tend to be relatively short and quite unpredictable, I found it wasn’t worth the time or effort to make a dedicated spring and fall wardrobe.

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Instead, I create winter and summer capsule wardrobes and allow them to naturally transition through spring and fall by adding and eliminating many things here and there to suit the weather.

In this post, I’m sharing what I call my ‘winter to spring capsule wardrobe’. I typically bring out my winter garments someday in Oct and switch to my summer capsule wardrobe someday in could.

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