35 Nail Art Design Ideas For Beginners


Followed by garments, hair and shoes, subsequent fashionable item is nail art. It’s obtaining fashionable by the day, because it permits women to fancy the eye their nails usher in.

Many is also in awe of nail art styles, nevertheless apprehensive of making styles on their own nails, as they take into account that to be a troublesome job. Thankfully, it isn’t as that troublesome as several imagine it to be, although it needs a touch of patience and a few follow. Here area unit some simple art styles for your nails, prompting you to urge started before graduating to additional complicated designs:

Effortless Nail Art styles for Novices:

Alternating the Colors:

This is the only to accomplish, needing minimum effort. merely use totally different colours for every finger and find them detected.

Use of impact Polishes

You can get nail polishes for making several effects, like Crackle impact, Magnetic impact, Croc impact and Color ever-changing etc. you will find them simple for quickly giving your nails a distinct look.

Water Decals/ Nail Wraps/Nail Stickers

You can additionally get various ready-to-use nail art styles, together with water decals, full nail wraps and nail stickers. you’ll be able to get these with directions to be used, and beginners can notice these simple to follow.

Nail Art act With Stripes

Stripes create your nail look enticing. you’ll be able to produce stripe with the assistance of AN art stripper, otherwise you will create use of a slim brush.

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Dotting Manicure

Dots look trendy with straightforward appearance. you will use dots on nails to make ornate styles. this can be in all probability the only and therefore the start for nail style with none templates.

Animal Prints

Animal prints of leopard and equine don’t seem to be in any respect troublesome to make, and that they create your nail look terribly cute.

Polka Dot Heart Nails

Valentine Day is also far, however this style is appropriate for any time of the year. Pink continuously appearance cute, be it any a part of year. For making this style, going your annualry, mud all of your nails in pink. The annualry is to be painted white, followed by cordiform polka dots with the assistance of a strip. create dots with pink in several shades and eventually apply a prime coat to seal the look.

Nail Art with Rhinestones

You could simply add some bling to the nails, and rhinestones area unit wondrous for obtaining a celebration look.

Braided Nails:

Fishtail braid manicure – obtaining this look is simple and you’ll be able to sure as shooting dig right if you’ve got some patience. you will need 3 nail paints of various colours, which might overlap. you’ve got to provide time for every layer to urge dried up and it’s over.

Chocolate Nails

This is another terribly simple style. you only need nail paint in chocolate color and many decorations, like hearts (perhaps you will find busted hair clips handy). Use nail glue to stay them along and place in golden glitter nail paint on the thumb and finger.

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Colored transparent quartz Half-moons

Half-moon nail arts look elegant in any respect times! during this case, you paint your nails in black then embrace rhinestones in several colours getting ready to the cuticle areas, followed by a prime coat that dries quickly.

Tips with Glitter Gradient

For a recent look, attempt glitter gradients. Paint your nails with black paint and with facilitate of sponge add fuchsia glitter nail paint. Do apply a prime coat when it gets dried.

Water Drops/Few Drops Nail Art

For obtaining this look, you create a maroon to purple gradient and follow that up with a matte prime coat to hide it. enable it to urge dried before adding dots of plain nail paint with facilitate of a strip on single aspect of nails.

Glitter Gradient on Half-moons:

This gives terribly refined and trendy appearance. do you have to like this, paint your nail with mauve and add silver glitter with facilitate of a sponge over the half-moon half. you will additionally use glitter eye shadow or simply dry glitter mixed with clear nail paint.

Digital Nail Art

These styles merely look nice if dead suitably. First, you paint the nails in white and permit them to dry totally. Next, with facilitate of a black stripper pen draw black lines and fill in some areas with numerous color, going some areas white. to urge a good higher look, you will have to be compelled to draw black lines once more. when it’s dried, apply quickly a drying prime coat.


Mix match nails

Mix and match nail provides a terribly stylish and terrific look. this could be achieved by applying yellow paint on the center finger and thumb, the pointer finger in black can have white polka dots, the finger can have black and white lines, and therefore the annualry can have a plumbago glitter color. Once you’re through with nail paint, apply a prime coat.

Feather Nail Art

Provides it a while to cool down. Then, trim the feather within the form of nails and eventually apply the highest coat.

Chain and stud nails

For obtaining such nails, you would like to color these in 2 colours then add chain and studs over them. you’d even have some animal print on the pointer and finger finger.

Glitter nails with dark-colored tips

This look is achieved by painting your nails with glitter polish and adding skinny dark-colored tips. Finally seal the nails employing a superior prime coat.

Gradient with stamping nails

For obtaining this style, simply create gradients victimisation varied colours on all the nails, stamp them together with your most popular style, and apply a prime coat at the top.